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                Upcoming College Events

                EU Lecture Series - Netherlands

                Choir of Clair College, Cambridge University

                Stradivarius Piano Trio

                Austrian Jazz Quartet

                An Audience with Hungarian Piano Virtuoso Endre Heged¨šs



                Enabling a quality experience for all


                Celebrated through an arts and science enriched social and ethnic community and promoted by recognising the potential of education across borders


                Demonstrated through open and honest relationships

                House Executive Committee 2019/20

                Benson Lin


                Hello everyone, welcome to our MCMC family! I am Benson Lin, a year 3 student majoring in Business Economics. We will provide you convenient living condition and give you the feeling of warmth and happiness. I am looking forward to making friends with you all.

                Biu Zhuang


                Hello everyone, I'm Biu, a year 3 student majoring in accounting. We hope to provide great ideas for college activities, thus creating a better living environment for our college. If you have any problems, you can ask us for help, it is our pleasure to help you.

                Yoyo Li


                I am Yoyo, a year 2 student from FBA, majoring in International Integrated Resort Management. Welcome to MCM college - our big family. It is an honor for me to be HA Secretary this year. I am enthusiastic as well as friendly. If you want to find someone to talk to or ask, please contact me, and I will always be there and support you

                Eleanor Li

                Finance and Budget Control

                IĄ¯m Eleanor, Financial and Budget Controller of HA this year, and also a year 3 student major in International Integrated Resort Management. I am an outgoing girl and I hope that I can make a lot of new friends.

                Amanda Yang

                Promotion and Advertising

                Hello everyone, welcome to our warm family MCMC! Nice to meet you all! I am Amanda, a year two student majoring in Japanese Studies. If you meet some problems in your college life, please come to find me without any hesitation. I will always be there. Hope you enjoy your fantastic college life and a meaningful university life!